. w e d d i n g s .

. C u s t o m  M a d e  W e d d i n g  B u n t i n g .

This popular made to order bunting is a great addition to any wedding or party as it can be made in any colour/pattern combination and to the length of your choice too!

. F a b r i c s .

You can pick the fabrics you would like to be used in the bunting by getting in touch (mail@bylauraann.co.uk) with a message letting me know what colour/pattern scheme you want to go for - I'll then get back to you with a number of different fabric options that you can say yes/no to!

The bunting can be made using any number of fabrics so if you wanted it all made in one particular fabric or if you wanted a mismatched collection of different fabrics thats's fine.

The double sided flags will be attached to a white cotton tape.

. B u n t i n g .

The bunting will be made in ne continuous length (unless you'd like the bunting made up in smaller lengths which is fine!) At both ends of the bunting there's extra lengths of cotton tape making it easy to tie/hang your bunting up at your venue.

. S i z e .

Each flag is approx 5.5in x 6in and there's roughly 5 flags per metre.

You can select your desired length from the drop down menu below. If the length you want isn't listed get in touch for a quote.

10m=£30.00  .  15m=£45.00  .  20m=£56.00  .  25m=£69.50  .  30m=£77.00  .  35m=£89.50  .  40m=£94.00  .  45m=£105.50  .  50m=£117.00

. T i m e s c a l e .

Timescale for custom bunting varies depending on fabric availability and length. Estimated time is around 3-4 weeks. I can give you a better idea of time when we discuss fabrics.

For more bunting inspiration check out the ' . G a l l e r y . ' page.

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