. h o m e w a r e s.

. S t i t c h e d †H o u s e †P i c t u r e †- †F r a m e d .

Your house in stitch.

. P i c t u r e .

These house pictures make great keepsakes, they're perfect as a treat for yourself or a sentimental gift. Your house can be stitched and recreated in fabric - a completely unique and personalised piece of art to hang on your wall.

. C o l o u r s / F a b r i c s .

The pictures can be made in any colour scheme - if you have a favourite colour combination or if you want the picture to fit in with your room decor then just let me know and I can make the picture up to fit.

. P e r s o n a l i s a t i o n .

Stitched under your house will be your personalised wording. You can have your house name, family name, sayings like 'Home Sweet Home' etc. The choice is yours! (Max 35 letters/numbers) The wording will be freehand machine embroidered in a fabric 'textbox' which will be finished off with a little fabric heart.

. S i z e .†

The pictures can be made in a number of different sizes. The sizes listed here are the sizes of the mount/the size of the glass.

8in x 10in = £30.00 †. †10in x 12in = £32.50 †. †11in x 14in = £35.50

. F r a m e s .

The pictures are mounted with a white mount and then framed in a wooden frame. The frames are painted in an off white chalk paint and slightly distressed in a shabby chic style. They're approx 2in in width.

Pictures are also available unframed in the shop listing below.

. O r d e r †P r o c e s s .

Once you've chosen your size and placed your order the next step is to email over a picture of your house. (mail@bylauraann.co.uk) The photograph doesn't have to be a very good picture just so long as all of the aspects of the house can be seen - sending over multiple photos is no problem.†

When you email the photograph you can let me know the wording you'd like and your colour preferences†

. T i m e s c a l e .

Stitched pictures take approx 3 weeks to make.

You can see more examples of previous house makes in the ' . G a l l e r y . ' or by visiting the facebook page.

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. S t i t c h e d †H o u s e †P i c t u r e †- †U n f r a m e d .

Your house in stitch.

. U n f r a m e d .†

This listing is or unframed house pictures - The picture will be mounted but not framed. It's really simple to frame the pictures yourself all you have to do is put the mounted picture into the frame!

. S i z e s .

All of the sizes are standard frame sizes and all sizes are the size of the complete mount/glass size.

8in x 10in = £23.00 †. †10in x 12in = £26.00 †. †11in x 14in = £29.00

The order process and personalisation ability is the same as the above framed option.

There's more examples of house pictures in the ' . G a l l e r y .†' and on the facebook page

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